Thursday, November 08, 2007

"It's Already Tomorrow"

As a grandparent, I find myself telling younger couples with small children, that they should enjoy their children while they can because they grow up all too fast. It seems we turn around once and children jump from toddlers to teenagers. Our grandson, Bryan, will be 13 on November 15, a teenager. It just seems yesterday that I was carrying him in my arms to help him discover the wonders of outdoors as a baby. Soon he will be wanting his drivers license!

I just read a heart-rending story in "Home Life Magazine" where a father was rushing around the house trying to get ready for work one day when his small son came in and said "Daddy, I've turned over my cowendar and you can stay home from wuck today." The father replied "Grant, I have to go to work today, but I can stay home tomorrow." "But Daddy," he countered, "it's already tomorrow." "No, Grant, today is Friday. I can't stay home until Saturday." The little boy dropped his head, and said, "Well, maybe then you can come visit us."

Are we too busy doing good things that steal away the best things from our children? A child depends on time with his parents to gain the perspectives on life that will allow them to find their security, develop their worldview, and discover who they are and who God is. We are daily representing an image of God to our children. As grandparents, we look back and reflect on the time that we had with our own children, and wonder where the years have flown, and ponder how we could have maybe done things better---maybe extra morning hugs, more bedtime tales, and tuck-me-in prayers. Maybe more walks in the woods, talks in the car, or a greater listening ear. Our children are God's greatest gifts to us and He has placed us with an awesome responsibility as parents. Children are like sponges that soak up all that we have to offer them, especially when they are so young and teachable. Make sure your child knows that he/she is special in your eyes.

Sometimes I wonder why God waits until we are old to understand the wisdom that we should have had when we were young. On the news last night in an interview with an older doctor, the statement was made that he told his daughter who is mother to his first grandchild that it was his job as a grandparent to spoil the child, but her job was to make sure he wasn't spoiled. It's a joy to "spoil" our grandchildren. Parents, it's your job to obey God's commands and mentor the little hearts in your home. Plant God's love in the hearts and minds of your children He has blessed you with. Surprise your children with spontaneous "show-up" time, give them an extra moment when you tuck them into bed to hear what their day was like, laugh a little longer with them as you play with them. All of those precious moments add up to memories that children treasure!

I so appreciate how our son and "daughter" are raising our grandsons! Good job, Rich and Em!

Don't wait until tomorrow what you can give your children today!


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