Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Summer Colds and Brush Fires

One thing on my list of "not so good things" is a nasty cold in the middle of July! Both Dick and I woke up on Saturday sneezing, sniffling and thought maybe it was just allergies, as they are pretty terrific in West Virginia. But as the day wore on, and the last three days proved, we both caught a full-fledged summer cold! There's not much sleeping going on at our house between the two of us. As I already had a doctor's appointment today to check my cholestrol, I was happy that the doctor put me on antibiotics to get rid of the uncomfortable symptoms of my cold, and hopefully within 2 to 3 days, I will be feeling much better! Dick is already feeling better!

Colds sure do tend to slow your lifestyle down! So lethargic, no energy, no sleep, aggravation to the hilt as you blow and blow and blow!!! But as I tried to see a positive from it, the time you spend trying to recuperate your energies allows you to slow down and to realize that all the "activities" of life that we plan are not the most vital aspect of life! What else better can you do as you lay in bed at night with your nose stopped up than pray for your friends and family? God allows the slow-down time to help you realize the important things of life, rather than the urgent.

Last night just as we crawled into bed and turned out the light, we got a call from my niece who is staying in our Maui home. She was describing to us a scene that sounded like a news report on TV!!! She said there was a brush fire in the field behind our house and there were 3 police cars in our front yard, 2 fire trucks and a water truck in the neighbor's yard, and a helicopter with a bucket flying overhead. She said, "Can you hear it?" I definitely heard the whirring of the props of the helicopter, the sirens, and people talking. Too close for comfort! My niece assured me that the fire was not near the house as yet, and there were enough people around to assure that the fire would not get near the house, but she said, "thought you'd want to know what's going on?!" Sleep didn't come too easily after that phone call! As there is 6 hours difference in our times, we had to wait until mid-afternoon today to learn that the fire was put out completely before dark last night, and all is well! God keeps us on our toes bringing about incidents that keep us on our knees!

Hope your last few days have been less eventful, but be alert---God sometimes needs to catch our attention in order for us to realize how we need to depend on Him for everything. He promises to be with us through the good and the bad, and we need to remember to thank Him when He teaches us important lessons and brings good out of everything that comes to us as His children!

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