Sunday, June 17, 2007

A Fathers' Day Message

This morning Dr. Charles Stanley's message to fathers on his In Touch program was so good that I decided to include in my blog the 12 points he made for fathers to ask of themselves:

All questions are prefaced by this statement:

"If your children walked in your footsteps....

1. Will your children find Jesus Christ in their life?
2. Will they live a faith focused on God for their needs?
3. Will they be industrious and set godly goals for their life?
4. Will they have the wisdom to live today with tomorrow in mind?
5. Will they be good stewards of their finances?
6. Will they make prayer a priority in their life?
7. Will they have a hunger for the Word of God creating a desire for an intimate relationship with Him?
8. Will they seek to lead other people to Christ?
9. Will they faithfully serve the Lord in their local church?
10. Will they recognize their body as a temple of the Holy Spirit?
11. Will they live and work in the power of the Holy Spirit?
12. Will they go to heaven or spend eternity suffering the consequences of their disobedience to Almighty God?

Fathers, you are the greatest example to your children of their view of who God is in their lives. The above questions are a challenge to each dad, and I pray that dads everywhere are striving to be all they can be for their children's eternal future.

Have a great day!


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