Monday, July 02, 2007


Soon America will be celebrating its independence and freedom as a nation. We are so privileged to live in a country with so many freedoms. Do we take them for granted? Are we neglecting to enjoy the freedoms we have? Are we allowing others to take away our freedoms little by little in the courts? Do we stand up for those freedoms in the face of adversity?

It seems so many individuals are in personal bondage to something in our nation today. They are in bondage to addictions, to fear, to worry, to sexual immorality, to attitudes of bitterness and anger, to greed and self-satisfaction. Oh, how I wish they knew the Liberator! Christ alone can liberate them and free them from their bondages. It is not an outward problem, it is an inner problem of the heart! Each individual has a responsibility to go to God and ask for release from their bondages. God is waiting---he is so willing to give them the free precious gift of freedom from sin! Christ alone paid the tremendous price for our sins, but they are completely paid in full! He is ready to lovingly give every single individual freedom from those things that bind them up in knots, that make their lives unhappy and miserable. Why can't they see it? Has the world so blinded them that they can't see, or are those of us that know the freedom that Christ gives unwilling to tell them that they too can be free?

This 4th of July enjoy the celebration of America's freedom, but at the same time, remember those around you that seem to be so bound up that they can't know the freedom that Christ alone can give. Pray for them. If you have a chance, tell them that Christ offers them freedom! Freedom comes with one heart at a time turning to Christ and changing their actions and their attitudes. Do you know one person to share the freedom that Christ gives?

Celebrating the liberation only Christ can give!


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