Thursday, November 01, 2007

Precious Gifts

Have you ever received a gift from someone that you wouldn't trade for all the oil in Texas, or all the gold in California? The gift is precious because it reminds you so specially of the giver and the heart in which it was given. I have many treasures in my home given to me by very special friends and every time I see them, either on a shelf, or on the wall, it reminds me of the precious gift of friendship and family.

There are two gifts that my youngest grandson, Bradley, gave me that warm my heart so much that when I see them, it brings tears to my eyes at the memory of his giving them to me. Dick and I were on Oahu and were meeting our son, Rich, and his family at a restaurant in the town where they live. When we got to the table where they were waiting for us to join them, little Bradley handed me a package wrapped up in white tissue paper. Upon opening it, I found a beautiful white glass angel. He had just been on a field trip with his first grade class and they had gone to a crafts fair, where Bradley saw this angel, and picked it out just for Nana. That little angel sits in my living room where I look at it every day and remember the love that he must have felt for me when he chose that angel.

The other gift he gave me is even more precious to me. We were again visiting with them in their Mililani home, when Bradley came to me and handed me this very tiny, tiny block of wood. He said, "I made this for you, Nana." When I examined it more closely, he had carved on it "Holy Bible" with a cross on it. I carry that little precious block of wood everywhere with me. Bradley has a tender heart for the Lord. He loves to sing praise songs and quietly does so often during the day. I know God has a special plan for this little one, and I pray that Bradley's heart will always stay tender and tuned in to what the Lord would have him accomplish during his lifetime.

God's Word, the Holy Bible, is His precious gift to us that tells the story of His Son, His most precious gift to the world. He wants us to know His Son personally and grow to love Him through the Word. If you're not in the habit of reading God's gift to you every day, you are missing out on the love that He wants to share with you. If you are reading faithfully God's Word, then you know what joy and peace it brings!

Open God's gift to you today!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Nana,
I remember picking out the angel and carving the wood for you. I'm glad that you love it.
love you lots,

5:41 PM  
Blogger Sandy Fewell said...

Love you lots and lots, too, Bradley!

12:51 PM  

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