Sunday, October 28, 2007

Okay---I'm back!

Prompted by my son to "blog" again, after a long hiatus away from it this summer, I decided that tomorrow (Monday) would be my first day to continue again to bring my thoughts, actions and ponderings through this unbelievable media. To think that anyone will read this is, at best, egotistical; to think that anyone would enjoy anything I have to say is ludicrous, and to think that God could use whatever I have to say to encourage others is very very humbling.

But I am returning to the "blogging" experience because I love to write, I love to share whatever God lays on my heart, and to share with others the blessings I feel God blesses me (and each of us) with every day. "His mercies are new every morning." As Christians, we should be able to go through a day, ponder on the events of the day, and find many many ways that God was involved within the events or happenings, or words, or maybe even a smile of another during the day to bless us. If he blesses us, we should be able to pass His blessings on to others. We never know when just a thought, a word, a scripture, a replaying of an event will cause another person to say "Amen"---I can relate.

We are all created by the same Creator, we are all in the human race together, and we all should relate to life in similar ways or learn from others who have experienced something differently as they make their journey through life. I welcome your comments, your thoughts, your criticisms, and trust that God will use this media as His avenue for blessing others! I just want to be a worthy vessel.

I am happy to be back!


Blogger Rich said...

Hurray, you're back!

4:58 PM  

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