Friday, November 02, 2007

Jokes? From Me?

I have been accused by my family often of being "too serious." I'm not one to remember jokes, to retell jokes, or even laugh at them very often. Yesterday I heard two jokes in the same day and I actually remember them this morning! Wanta hear them??

1. A local guy needed a job really badly. After looking and looking for a job, a manager of a hotel finally hired him and told him to report to work the next morning. Very excited, he went home and told his friend that he lived with that he needed to be woke up in the morning to report to work on time because he often slept through his alarm. After he fell asleep, his friend decided to play a trick on him and painted his face black. Sure enough, the next morning the guy slept through his alarm clock, so that when his friend came in and woke him, he said, "you're late---you'd better hurry to get to work on time." So he jumped out of bed, threw on his clothes and hurried out the door without even brushing his teeth. When he got to the hotel and reported to the manager, the manager said, "you're not the person I hired yesterday." The guy kept insisting, "yes, I'm the one! You gave me the job right here in this very office." The manager kept insisting, No, you're not the guy. Go look in the mirror!" When the guy looked in the mirror, he said "Oh, no, my friend woke up the wrong guy!"

2. Did you hear about the three-legged dog that staggered up to the bar and said to the bartender, "Okay, I want to know who shot my pa? (Paw---get it?)

Now why in the world would I remember two such ridiculous jokes? I giggled at them yesterday and still remember them today. A sense of humor is a gift from God. To be able to see the world with all of its problems with a lighter point of view is a blessing. Proverbs tell us that "a cheerful heart is good medicine, but a crushed spirit dries up the bones." Laughter allows us to release our burdens and it becomes a source of healing, if even for a short time. In Ecclesiastes, Solomon reminds us that there is "a time to weep, and a time to laugh."

I hope you will see something to laugh about today. It does the body good to have a good ole belly chuckle! Look for the fun things in life---it helps to keep your focus off your troubles!

Happy Giggling!


Blogger Rich said...

Hey Dad, Mom "made a funny"!

Either you're sick or an imposter! (hee hee)! Please give the keyboard back to my Mom.

8:46 AM  

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