Monday, November 05, 2007

Have You Lost Your Senses?

Have you ever taken a small toddler out on a bright sunny day and turned him loose in the yard to play to discover his or her little world around them? They discover their senses--the sense of touch, smell, sight, hearing, and taste. In little bare feet they run through the cool green grass wiggling their toes and feeling the tickle of the ground beneath them, or crunch up their toes when they hit a puddle of water or a little pebble under their tiny feet. With little hands they run to a bright colored flower and instinctively put it up to their nose to see if it smells good and usually graciously hand it to you to smell as well. They hear a bird up in a tree and cock their heads to hear its sweet trill in the trees, pointing in its direction, squinting their eyes to see it better. They try to pick up whatever they see on the ground, tree, or bush around them and put it in their mouths, their way of discovering new sights and tastes around them. They squeal when they run from one thing to another and are so quick to come back to you to show you what they found. Oh, the joys of little children discovering the gift of their senses!!!

Have we as adults gotten so busy that we forget to discover the sights, smells, textures and tastes around us? Do we stop to smell the roses, or the plumeria, or gardenia that is blooming nearby? Do we notice the rainbow in the sky after a rain on our drive to work? Do we hear the doves cooing outside our window in the morning as we awaken? Do we remember the touch of the velvety skin of an infant child, the wonder of smelling their little feet, the touch of their little fingers wrapped around ours in a tight grip of love? Do we remember hearing the giggling and squealing of little girls at play? Do we ever sit in silence and tune our ears to hear the still small voice of our Lord?

God as our Creator gave us a world to thoroughly enjoy and He gave us the gift of senses that we might enjoy it to the fullest. Let's take the time to exercise the wonderful gifts of touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. God will communicate to you through the wonder of His world around you if you just take the time to find your senses once again! You can communicate to God by giving Him thanks each day as you discover anew the wonders around you!

Enjoy the wonders of your day!


Anonymous kyle Grace said...

Welcome Back! I'm so glad you are!

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