Sunday, November 04, 2007

Angry Fist or Open Hands??

Life's circumstances can sometimes hit us without warning and we can be left reeling as if we'd been broadsided by the unexpected. How we face those difficult trials that come our way says a lot about us as persons. Do we immediately look up to heaven and shake our fist in the face of God railing against His unfair treatment of us, asking "Why me?" Or do we drop to our knees holding our open hands up to God seeking help and counsel from Him who promises to see us through the tough times?

Now that you've thought about your first responses to God, think about God's first responses to you when hard times come your way. Do you immediately think that God is bringing punishment to you by bringing the painful circumstance into your life and shaking His angry fist at you? Or do you see Him offering His open hand to you reaching down to comfort and console you in your pain?

I believe your responses in times of trial directly relate to your personal relationship with Jesus Christ and how well you know Him as your Savior. If you know His character to be loving, consoling, comforting, kind and gentle, you know that He would never deliberately bring pain to hurt you. He may allow pain to enter your life, but He personally does not bring the pain to you. He promises to be with you ever present through the trial, but He has never promised that pain would not enter your world. He even said that "in this world, you will have tribulation, but I have overcome the world." This world brings pain, sometimes unbeliveable unbearable pain, but God will always be the first one that offers His hand of mercy and grace to you and promises never to leave you or forsake you. He will always be right there with His open hand extended waiting for you to reach out with your open hand to receive his love, grace and mercy. God promises to "hold us with his righteous right hand", and believe me, He will never let go! Receive His peace in the knowledge that He is there amidst your pain!

The next time you want to shake your fist at God, try instead opening up those fingers and reaching upward to receive His love!

Have a great Sunday!


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