Thursday, November 15, 2007

Birth Days and Modern Technology

I am constantly amazed at how technology has developed in recent years and has allowed us to reach out to others in so many facets. I am of the generation that used to walk a mile to get to the post office, open a little window to check to see if there was an envelope in there for me, and more often than not, walk away disappointed after seeing an empty box. When there was an envelope in that box addressed to me, it was as if I had received a gift of immeasurable worth, and would read and reread the message sent to me over and over again.

Today all we have to do is go to our computer in the house, press a button, and within seconds receive countless messages (granted most of them spam), but nevertheless you can be "in touch" with people from as far away as the mind can conceive, or as near as next door. Isn't that amazing?

This morning it was such a blessing to hear a little ring on my computer as a signal for me to open my iChat, a video program that allows me to actually see the persons on a camera attached to my computer. It was my son announcing that Bryan, our grandson, was awake and ready to be wished a happy 13th birthday and was eager to open the mailed package that we had sent him earlier. We were able to see sleepy-eyed Bryan smiling as we sang Happy Birthday, Dear Teenager to him and then he opened our package to him. We were able to see his expression, and hear his thanks as we sat in our computer room hundreds of miles away. It truly is amazing!

Have you ever thought how very amazing our birth days are? The day we were born was a miracle unlike any other that can be imagined. God conceived us in our mother's womb, formed us "beautifully and wonderfully" with a uniqueness that no other person can ever duplicate, allowed us to go through the amazing adventure of the birth canal, and sucked in our first breath as we entered the world. He chose the parents we were to be born to, the place for which we were to be born, the characteristics that we would own all of our lives, and granted to us a special purpose for our lives that we would have to discover and develop to fulfill His will for us. As a mother and a grandmother, what joy we feel as we see those gifted to us become the people that God desires them to be!

Happy Birthday, Bryan---may it be a very blessed year for you!


Blogger Rich said...

It really is amazing that family can feel present even when many miles away! My friend Gary Lau, when he is traveling, will just turn on the "iChat" with home but they just go about their lives. It's like he's home. He'll help the kids with homework, watch TV with the family, stuff like that. Not as good as being there, but it helps!

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