Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Is Anything Too Hard for Me?

In my devotional reading this morning in Genesis, I read how God performed a great miracle for Abraham and Sarah by implanting life in the very dead womb of Sarah at 99 years of age. Sarah laughed at the absurdity of giving birth at her age when told by the Lord that she would bear a child. God's reply to her was "Is anything too hard for Me?" Sarah did bear a child whom she named Isaac, which means "laughter." Isaac became the son that allowed Abraham to be "the father of many nations."

In I Samuel, we read where Hannah also suffered through many long years of barrenness, a closed womb, wanting a child so desperately that she went to the temple faithfully every year and prayed for him. She vowed that if God would honor her request that the child would be dedicated to serve the Lord all the days of his life. God heard her prayer, honored her request, opened her womb and she conceived and later gave birth to Samuel. Samuel's life was dedicated to do priestly work all the days of his life.

Mary, the mother of Jesus, was a very young girl, estimated to be around 13 years of age, when the Lord told her that her virgin womb would conceive the Christ Child having the seed implanted by the Holy Spirit, an act unheard ever over eons of time. She bore a child, named him Jesus, and he became the Saviour of the World.

Truly these miracles should cause us to exclaim "is anything too hard for the Lord?" Are you struggling with what seems to be an impossible situation---no hope of seeing a good result? Are you at the end of your rope dangling there and hanging on by sheer determination? Are you crying out to God not knowing what to do next or what lies around the corner for you?
I challenge you today to remember that NOTHING is impossible with God. He has performed miracles far greater than the testing you are going through at this moment. Trust Him. Have faith in His power and His love for you. He wants to prove Himself faithful to you and you need to acknowledge that He is the answer to your need at this time. God's arm is not too short to reach out and touch you today. The results of your faith might be truly amazing to you, as was Sarah's, Hannah's and Mary's as they placed their circumstances in the Lord's hands.

Nothing is too hard for the Lord!


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