Monday, January 07, 2008

A Renewed Commitment

Today is the first Monday of the new year. Today I again renewed my commitment to lose weight. My niece and I are attending WeightWatchers that meet every Monday evening. We will be returning to the meetings after a three-week break over the holidays. When you know you haven't done well, it's a dread to face those scales! And yet in facing them, it helps to encourage you to get back on track, to keep going, and not to give up. Others who face the same obstacles are there to get in the boat with you and give you tips and encouraging words to stay on the path of losing. They help you not to look at the failures of the past, but look forward to the pounds to be lost in the future.

Isn't that what we are called to do as Christians? We are all commissioned by God for the same purpose--to go and tell others about Jesus, to live a life in conformity to Christ, to have the mind of Christ and to follow Him in the direction He leads. Sometimes we get discouraged because we see no visible results, and yet we have those Christian brothers and sisters that come alongside us to let us know that the results are in God's hands, and we are to simply obey. They pick us up in spirit, when we get discouraged. They help us to renew our commitment and keep running the race that is before us, forgetting those failures from the past and moving on toward the high calling of Christ. They rejoice with us when God answers prayer on our behalf. The unity of the body of Christ is a sign to the world that Christ is alive and real.

If you are not connected to a local church and are not experiencing the love of Christ through other Christian brothers and sisters, ask God to lead you to the body that is right for you and your family. We need each other. There is a church that needs you and the spiritual gift that God has given you to share! You need the church that can share with you the gifts that strengthen you and your faith. Find that bond of Christian love that will support you and encourage you in your Christian walk! Most of all, renew your commitment to Christ and keep on serving Him throughout this new year that is before us. WeightWatchers keeps me on a path of losing-----the local church keeps us on the path of winning!

There is victory when we have each other!


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