Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Preparations for Christ-mas

The past few days have been very hustle and bustle around here as we are excited about visitors coming today for the holidays. We have cleaned, decorated the halls with boughs of Christmas everywhere, shopped, wrapped packages, hung lights outside, baked cookies, and put on the final touches before we go to the airport to pick up our guest.

Have you ever thought about the preparation that took place on that first Christmas long ago? God began preparation at least nine months before Christ was born by sending an angelic message to both Mary and Joseph that they would be parents of the Christ-Child, and His name would be called Jesus. God had to prepare Mary's heart to accept this wondrous and most unusual treasure that was given to her, and Joseph had to accept Mary's news and confirmed by an angel that they would be parents to a child that was born by the Holy Spirit, and not by his own seed.

God's preparation continued as he prompted Caesar Augustus to declare a census to be taken so that Mary and Joseph would have to travel to Bethlehem, the city in which was prophesied a child would be born who would be the Messiah. God lit up the sky with a host of angels that brought a message to shepherds in the field that they should follow a star to locate "a Savior" who is "Christ the Lord." Even after the birth of the child, God's preparation saved the child from death as God prompted Joseph by another angelic messenger to take his little family to Egypt as Herod had ordered the murder of all children under the age of two. God's preparation continues throughout Scripture to bring about His perfect plan for His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, to be the sacrifice for all the world's sin by His shed blood on the cross, and by His resurrection from the dead. How amazing is the Christmas story that ends in triumph and victory!

Has God prepared your heart to receive this Savior who was so obedient to His Father's will? Mary and Joseph's perspective in raising their child in obedience to God's will is a marvelous confirmation that Christmas is not a season, but a gift expressing the extent to which our loving God was willing to go to make us His children. The wonder that Mary and Joseph felt during those early years of raising their Son, Jesus, can be the same wonder that we experience when we realize what Jesus means in our own lives on a daily basis when we know Him as Lord and have that hope beyond imagination of eternal life with Him.

As you ponder the real reason that we celebrate Christmas, may the wonder of it all take your breath away and cause thankfulness to well up inside your soul as never before.

"As many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, even to those who believe in His name."


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