Friday, December 07, 2007

December 7, 1941 - Day We Should Never Forget

Surprised Infamy
by Roger W Hancock

A Nation’s Infamy,
Attack within America.
Surprise attack,
Wounds or kills four thousand,
Early on that dreadful morn.
Sounds of planes overhead,
Alarms ring, howl, screech,
Rude awakening from dead of sleep.
Battlestations, orders called,
Unexpected confusion, duty calls.
One hundred planes overhead,
Japan’s last emperor ordered,
Attack that lives in infamy.
American battleships… five,
American destroyers… three,
Four hundred planes all destroyed.
News spreads as wildfire.
“Pearl Harbor Attacked!”
President Roosevelt pledges,
“…triumph. So help us God."
America sleeps no more,
Two fronts fought ‘til victory,
Domination interests quelled.
December 7, remembrance,
Pearl Harbor attack,
Felt around the world.

Remember on this day all our troops that are fighting around the world for our freedom!


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