Friday, January 04, 2008

Hidden Treasure

For several years now, my son has had the hobby of "geocaching." "Geo" means earth, and "cache" means treasure. If you are not familiar with the term, you locate by GPS treasure boxes (or caches) that have been hidden by someone. The caches are hidden all over the world, are given coordinates as to their location, and rated as to their difficulty. They are listed on a website with the coordinates and you have the wonderful privilege of finding them. They are rated as "easy" to find to "difficult." Once you locate the cache, you choose a "treasure" that has been left inside the cache, and replace it with something that you have brought, and write in a log that is left within the cache that you have been there. You also go to the website and record your visit as well. There are "travelers" that are placed within the cache by the original owner, and they follow the trail of the traveler. Some travelers have gone all over the world. Geocaching is a wonderful way for my son and his two sons to discover new areas, hike new trails, and have fun together.

God's Word has many treasures hidden for His people to find and apply to their lives in order to gain wisdom and understanding of His will and His ways. He encourages us to dig deep and discover those treasures. Sometimes it may take an easy path or sometimes His wisdom comes through difficult circumstances. The Book of Proverbs encourages us to "look for it (wisdom) as for silver and search for it as for hidden treasure, THEN you will understand the fear of the Lord and find the knowledge of God." God's wisdom implanted within our hearts brings to us great benefits. It's a shield to us to guard us and protect us. It gives us discretion to live uprightly and to live blamelessly in a world that continually wants to pull us away from God. It prolongs our life and brings prosperity to us. It brings health to our bodies and nourishment to our bones. It brings us honor and the path of peace, sound judgment, and is like an ornament to grace our neck.

Let's strive to dig deep for God's hidden treasure of wisdom. He will be faithful to credit it to our account.


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