Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Very Beautiful Evening

Last night Dick and I (and many other adults) were treated to the most beautiful valentine dinner presented by the youth group of our church. We arrived with a long line of youth waiting to greet us at the entrance to the front door. Candles were placed along our pathway and youth warmly hugging and greeting us as we made our way to the front door.

Upon entering the church, we were awestruck at the way the vestibule of the church had been transformed to a beautiful valentine room filled with hearts, lace, trellises and centerpieces on tables with white tablecloths. We were greeted by a beautiful hostess in a gorgeous red muumuu that gave us a valentine wrapped chocolate lollipop and then led us to our table. We were then asked to come to a lovely decorated trellis to have our pictures taken (just like the prom). After meeting two couples at our table and getting to know them better, the dinner was then served after grace was said. We had a lovely tossed salad, delicious spaghetti and garlic bread, and last but not least, a warm brownie with ice cream AND whipped cream for dessert with hot coffee. We were served by waiters and waitresses dressed in white tuxedo shirts with little red bow ties and beautiful wam smiles.

Throughout the entire dinner we were totally blessed by entertainment from many members of the youth group. We had a band of three boys that played the drums, guitar and ukelele and sang to us. We had a beautiful hula performed by two girls to a beautiful praise song, We had three girls that sang "Great is Our God" accompanied by guitars in the background. We then had beautiful praise songs to end the program by four talented and beautiful youth that called themselves "The Remnant." Just as the emcee was closing the program, we were brought a copy of our picture taken earlier at the trellis for us to take home with us.

My husband has treated me to many magnificent valentine dinners over the past 44 years and I loved each and every one of them, but there was something so magnificent about last night's dinner. Our youth went far beyond "service with a smile" and served us with beautiful servants' hearts that blessed us far beyond description. Thank you so much, dear young people. You brought glory to God last night in your service to others, and blessed our hearts beyond measure.

So blessed by such love to us,


Blogger Rich said...

Wow! That sounds TOTALLY cool! Way to go Maui youth! Mom, you have to post your "prom" picture if there is any way to.

9:14 AM  

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