Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Perfection vs. Excellence

Perfection is being right.
Excellence is willing to be wrong.

Perfection is fear.
Excellence is taking a risk.

Perfection is control.
Excellence is spontaneous.

Perfection is judgment.
Excellence is accepting.

Perfection is doubt.
Excellence is confidence.

Perfection is pressure.
Excellence is natural.

Perfection is the destination.
Excellence is the journey.

I saw these wonderful contrasts between perfection and excellence. God doesn't expect us to be perfect---He is the only One who is perfect. But He does expect us to be "holy as he is holy." We will achieve perfection when we become as He is in eternity. When God gave each of us gifts to be used for His kingdom work, He told us through Paul in I Corinthians 12:31:
"But I earnestly desire the greater gifts, and I show you a still more excellent way." His more excellent way is to "love one another as I have loved you" and he defines love in the next chapter. Chapter 13 is called the love chapter in the Bible. We love each other by not always demanding our rights, but being willing to listen to the other side. We love each other by stepping out in our relationships and letting each other know that we are there for them---risky? Yes, but worth it when we make lifelong friends. We love each other by allowing our love to be spontaneous, not controlling and demanding. We love each other by not judging one another and pointing out our faults, but accepting, as Jesus accepted us unconditionally. We love each other by not doubting our capacity to love, but being confident that through Christ we can choose to love. Loving each other should not be pressure, but a natural outflow of our heart because we are being loved by Christ. Yes, perfection is our destination. When we see Christ face to face in glory, we will be as He is, perfect in every way, but for now, the journey is before us right here and now. Loving each other on the road to perfection is Christ's more excellent way and it's an awesome journey!!!

Choose to love---it's the most excellent way!


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