Friday, February 09, 2007

What a Tragedy!

A beautiful young woman of 39 tragically lost her life yesterday. The cause of her death is still undetermined, but her lifestyle was such that a short lived life could have been predicted. Her misplaced desires led to wrong choices and wrong actions that ultimately shortened her life, and the life of her dearly beloved son. Her life exhibited a self-centered core desiring for herself the spotlight, celebrity and fame; her greed led her to make a choice to gain millions and in the process, hurt a lot of people along the way. Her inability to handle the pressure of her greed and celebrity led her to a deadly use of drugs for herself and her 20-year-old son. She had a child out of wedlock that she is now unable to raise. If that isn't tragedy, I cannot imagine what could be worse. She could have led a much different lifestyle, but it was her own personal choices that led to her demise.

Let this be an example to you, young women, to carefully weigh your desires, your choices, and your future that you choose to make for yourself. It is YOUR choice! God promises a much different life for you when you choose HIS way, and not your own selfish way! "Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added unto you." God is able to satisfy your deepest desires of belonging, love, acceptance and security without having to fall into Satan's trap of luring you into the world's traps. Satan blinds the eyes of the innocent toward a path of destruction. God did not create you to have your life end in the pits of hell. He created you with a purpose that will bring peace, joy, and lasting security. Look for that purpose and begin now to seek Him and His direction. He promises long life to those that follow Him.

Choose God's path---His promises are so much greater for a bright and fulfilling future!


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