Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Message in a Bottle

Are you a romantic? Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. I think it's harder for women to express their love through gifts to their mates than it is for men. Men can always fall back on roses and chocolates and never fail to wow their mates. There's just something romantic and magical about flowers and candy that will always remain enduring and endearing. But it seems harder for women to find that one romantic thing for men that wows them.

I just read this suggestion in a magazine---it could be for both men and women to use to express their love to their significant other. Write a poem expressing the qualities you appreciate about your mate. If you're not good with poems, write a letter. If that is even harder, write a "Roses are Red, Violets are Blue" sentiment. Spray it with a whiff of beautiful perfume that your mate especially likes. Roll it up and tie both ends with a pretty ribbon, or a cord of string. Then find a beautiful empty bottle. It can be a small, colorful one, or a uniquely shaped one, or a container that speaks of the likes of your mate (such as a cigar box, a Harley Davidson tin, a can for tennis balls, or container for golf balls). Wrap it up and slip it under his pillow early in the morning before he wakes up (if it is small enough). If it's a bigger bottle, place it in front of his Valentine's breakfast dish at the kitchen table.

It never hurts to tell your mate why they are special to you. They may pooh-pooh that "romantic stuff", but I bet deep down they will glow with your thoughtfulness. We forget as women that men need to hear they are loved as much as we do.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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