Monday, December 04, 2006

Hushed and Holy Season

On my calendar beside my desk for December, I read these words:

This is the hushed and holy season,
When we leave the confusion of our busy world,
To seek a star, and a stable, and a manger.

I can identify this morning more with the "confusion of our busy world" than I do the "hushed" and holy season. My morning has been filled with wrapping Christmas gifts, then wrapping them again for mailing, doing laundry, watching my husband put our outside lights around the eaves of the house, and making macaroni salad, and it's not even noon yet!

But despite all that "busyness" of the morning, there is an excitement deep down within my soul that is building. I LOVE the preparation of Christmas and all that it brings. The house seems warmer with all the bright colors of red and greens, golds and silvers. My Christmas tree is always very traditional having over 300 angel ornaments hanging from its branches, ornaments that have been given to me over the years by good friends and family members. What a warmth comes from the remembrance of each individual as I hang them on the tree. I hung seven little stockings up over the fireplace this morning, each one representing my family, each thought of them individually causing the excitement to build for their arrival right before Christmas.

However, with all the excitement, I want my heart to be "hushed" and in awe of the reason for the season. Just think of the awesome truth that God Incarnate came to earth as a little babe for the sole purpose of providing a way for you and me to spend eternity with Him. He was the Only One that could sacrifice His life in order to pay my sin debt. He was the Only One that loved me so much! He was the Only One that could take my confusion and turn it into saving faith. He is the Only One that deserves my praise and my gratitude and my surrendered life at this Christmas season. He is seeking you----are you seeking the star, the stable and the manger? There you will find the Christ Child that came to pay your sin debt and wants to be your Savior!

May your heart be "hushed" as you ponder the reason for the season!


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