Sunday, December 03, 2006

My Mother and Me

Today is my mother's 85th birthday. She is so special to me and I love her dearly. There is only 19 years difference in our ages, and growing up, she was my best friend. Every day after school I sat down with her and told her everything that happened at school. She was interested in every detail. Today is no different. Even though we live 5,000 miles apart, I still call her every day to find out how she's doing and she wants to know what I've been up to, as well.

She just lost the love of her life this year. My dad passed away in March. They were married for 66 years. She feels a little lost, quite lonely, and insecure now that she lives alone. She has my sisters to watch over her every day, and Dick and I spend six months out of the year with her in the summer. However, that's not the same comfort that she felt with Dad.
I pray for her peace and her security to come to her through Christ. She is doing remarkably well for her age.

I miss her today. I wish I could be with her. A phone call will have to do. But I know she knows my heart is sending those hugs that she needs today. Happy Birthday, Mom. May God bless you with so many more years on this earth for your girls sake, but I'm sure Dad is waiting in heaven for the day you will be rejoined together with him in God's timing.

I love you, Mom!


Blogger Em said...

Happy Birthday Mama Nick!
we pray that God's hand is upon you on your special day and always.
we love you very much,
Rich, Em, Bryan & Bradley

1:05 PM  

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