Tuesday, May 15, 2007

An Incredible Sight!

Oh, how I wish I had my camera last Saturday, but alas, I did not! I watched a most incredible sight that I doubt I will ever see again! I was at my mom's house when a knock came at the door. The next door neighbor was there with her two small children, ages 6 and 3. As they were going for a walk past Mom's house, they noticed that two huge black snakes were trapped in the netting that Mom had put around her rhododendron bushes to keep the deer from eating them. The lady was asking Mom if she could rescue them from the netting and release them. Both Mom and I thought at once "release them???" We grew up being very frightened of snakes, and usually they were dispensed of with a sharp hoe across the back of the head!!! We could hardly believe that this young lady was going to even get near the snakes, much less handle them with such incredible gentleness in the most fascinating process I've ever seen!

One snake was over 6 feet long, the other snake was smaller and they were not only entangled in the net, but also with each other as they had struggled so hard to get loose! This sweet lady went over and began gently, ever so gently, tugging at the larger snake, snipping the netting away with scissors. As she snipped more and more of him loose, the snake entwined his body around her arm all the way past her elbow! The lady never flinched, but continued to work with such caring that I have never witnessed before in my life! She got the larger snake loose first and released him near the creek away from the house. Her small children were ever so interested and wanted to share in the rescuing of the smaller snake that was so bound up by the netting that it was slightly injured. It took a little while and such patience to finally get the smaller snake untangled. She then taught the six-year-old boy how to hold its head to keep it from trying to strike at him, and how to hold its body and she let him take him to the creek and release him.

I believe without knowing it, this one incident taught these small children (and Mom and me) a couple of great lessons of life. All life is precious in God's sight, patience is a virtue, and nothing is too hard to overcome, even the entanglements and snares of life that so easily beset us!!

Satan can weave his web of deception into our hearts that entangle us, and we become "stuck" in the mire of heartaches and troubles that the world brings our way. The only way out is trusting in a Power so much greater than the trap we are in to release and rescue us from its destruction. We see that with God's great love and patience, he loosens the bonds that bind us up so tightly, and sets us free to enjoy life's joys and peace that He alone can give! Are you tied up in knots and bound by the net of sin that holds you captive? Let Jesus disentangle you and set you free!

Still wish I had a camera!


Blogger Rich said...

That's amazing! I definitely would have dispatched them and missed the lesson.

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