Thursday, May 03, 2007

Our First Week in West Virginia

We arrived in West Virginia after a hectic 17 hours of flying and making our way through very busy airports and long lines. My mother, sister and her husband were waiting for us at the airport very glad to see us. The first thing I noticed was how thin Mom looked. She has had an emotional year after Dad passed away last March. It is so good to see her and be with her now, and I pray we can be an encouragement to her this summer.

We have had a rough start to our stay so far. Dick was still trying to get medical clearances in Maui when we left. The only test that we did not have a result for was his kidney MRA. We were disappointed to hear from Dick's Maui doctor that the kidney test indicated a blocked artery in his left kidney, and he suggested we find a vascular surgeon here to perform surgery to place a stent in the kidney (just as they do often in the heart). That was not what we were hoping to hear. We are now in the process of finding a specialist that can do the surgery. We trust that God is in control of this situation and will direct us to the right surgeon that will perform the surgery with good results.

The weather has been beautuiful until today. Now a cold front moved in and brought rain and cooler weather. The spring flowers are bursting through all over our area and it's a joy to walk along our country road and see the different wild flowers, the birds flittering here and there, and even an occasional bunny rabbit jumping out in front of us. We have much work to do to get our little house in West Virginia up to our expectations this summer. Dick has already cut down three trees, and took down gutters on the house that had gotten damaged over the winter months. We need to repaint the front porch and I can't wait to start planting my little flower beds. Lots in mind to do---I just pray the Lord will keep us both healthy and energetic to get it all done.

The most important thing is to help Mom feel more secure and at peace. She is still adjusting to living alone after being with Dad for 66 years!!! She admits fear at night. I know she feels more secure with us being so near. It's a blessing for us to be able to bring to her a sense of security and help her with her many projects around her house that need to be done.

I miss my home in Maui already. We already miss our grandkids on Oahu. We miss Trouble, our 15 year old cat. I especially miss our high-speed internet service. The service here is still dial-up and it takes forever to get online---but we couldn't survive here without our link to our many family and friends all over the country. Please keep in touch, email, say hi and say a prayer for us whenever we come to mind!

Trying to adjust to our summer lifestyle in West Virginia,


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