Saturday, April 21, 2007

A Beautiful Morning in Maui

We have less than six days before we leave our beautiful island of Maui to head for West Virginia to be with my 85-year-old mother and other family members for six months. When I get up to a morning such as this with the sun shining, Haleakala clear without a cloud anywhere, and the soft tradewinds blowing, I wonder why we leave such beauty. It is all because of family. It has always been a heart-wrenching decision to make and I always think how nice it would be to clone myself so that I could be two of the same person able to stay in Maui and go to West Virginia at the same time.

We make the choice to leave because we realize our years left with Mom are growing shorter and shorter, especially since we lost Dad last year. Mom has lived in the same house for over 50 years, and that is home to all of us girls and our families. There is a bond that I feel that speaks "home" to me there, even though we've lived in Hawaii for over 30 years. As you grow older, your heart tends to lean toward the place that speaks home more to you than another. It feels good to be heading toward "home" and yet there's that feeling that you're leaving "home" behind, as well. It's a tug of the heart that never is easy.

In leaving for six months, we also do not get to see our grandsons in that period of time as they live on Oahu in Hawaii. Sometimes we are able to convince Rich and Emily to bring them to West Virginia to see us for a vacation. Maybe this year, too?

When we make plans for the future, no matter what they are, I always remind myself that our plans are simply our plans. It is God that directs our steps and determines the way we should go. It is He that lights our path and shows us if we are following His will for us or not. As long as we are in His will, He will bless us with good things. We pray this summer will be a wonderful season with Mom, my sister, and other family members. If God allows Rich, Em, Bry and Brad to come visit us while we are there, it would be glorious! My time is in God's hands. I certainly trust Him to lead us rightly.

Today I will simply enjoy this beautiful Maui day and rejoice in it!


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