Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Comfort Zone

Women love their cozy little "nests" that they prepare for their families. They keep it shiny clean, enjoy decorating it, and love making it feel like home to their families. They are like mother birds who fluff their nests in order to settle way down so the little one can feel safe and protected from the dangers of the world.

Then something happens---a restlessness deep down in our hearts begins to stir and we begin to feel an uncomfortableness that indicates maybe God wants us to move out of our comfortable nest. At first, we deny it; then we begin to recognize that maybe God is wanting to move us elsewhere. We argue with God..."but God, it is so comfortable here." And finally we say,
"Okay, Lord, I'll go where you want me to go, and/or do what what you want me to do."

God has done this in my life many times over. I know when I begin to feel that restlessness inside my soul, it is God preparing my heart for change. At first, I'll argue, and sometimes even go kicking and screaming, but after arriving at God's destination for me, with hindsight, I can see that the change is best for me.

Now with a little more wisdom and maturity (and old age) under my belt, I am more accepting and more willing to leave my comfort zone to find and explore a new area where God has chosen to place me. I have learned that God can bring blessings to me beyond my imaginations in the new "home" or new ministry that He has prepared for me in advance to do. If I had insisted on saying "No, Lord---I like my comfortable nest", then I would have missed out on blessings beyond belief. I have met the most wonderful people along life's journey where God has led me, I have seen the most incredible sights that would have been otherwise unknown to me, and God has taught me life lessons that could not have been learned if I had insisted on staying in my cozy little nest.

I've learned to key in on that uncomfortable restlessness within my heart to seek God's greater gift to me---His perfect will for my life. God's comfort zone is always in the center of His will! If God is speaking to you about change, don't fight it. If He is asking you to leave what feels good and easy, He has so much more for you that you cannot imagine. Don't hold tightly to your comfort zone. Give in to God's best for you!

God may call you away, but He always goes with you!


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