Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Catching Up on Family News

I trust your Easter was very memorable for you as you celebrated the resurrection of Jesus Christ, our Lord. To rejoice in the knowledge that we serve a living Savior is a joy unlike any other. We do not serve a god that is made by human hands, who cannot hear our prayers, or who cannot know the needs of our hearts. We serve a LIVING Savior who loves us, who hears our prayers, who leads and guides us and provides for our needs.

We just spent such a lovely four days over the Easter holiday with my great-niece, Arley, from Oahu. She's a very beautiful, quiet, demure young lady who enjoys spending time with her aging auntie and uncle which makes our hearts soar. We did a lot of touring the island, spent a blessed Easter Sunday first by attending an awesome Easter Worship service at our church and then having dinner with friends at their home for Sunday dinner. Arley went back to Oahu last night to begin a brand new job this morning as an optometrist assistant. I pray that all goes really well for her in her new venture.

All of my nieces and nephews are special to me and since they were very little, I've said many prayers on their behalf. I know there are loved ones in your family whom you've longed for them to know the peace that Jesus can bring to their hearts. Never give up praying for them and trusting God to work in their hearts to bring about the answer to your prayers. We know their salvation is the longing of the Savior's heart, too. It is His will that all men (and women) come to know Him in a personal way.

In two weeks, Dick and I will be leaving Maui to return to West Virginia for six months to help do projects around the house for Mom, who is now 85 years old, and to get together with family and friends as much as possible. Between now and the time we leave, many details have to be taken care of, and I feel time is running out on us. Please pray especially for Dick who has many health issues to settle before we leave. Please pray for our travel time, the safety of our home while we are away, and the care of our 15 year old cat, named Trouble.

Looking forward to what God has for us in the next six months!


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