Friday, March 30, 2007

A Lazy Day on Maui

Early this morning I got up early, put on my bathing suit, gathered my little sand buckets, shovels, goggles, boogie board, and nerf balls and waited for my ride. I was picked up by a sweet mom with three darling little ones who love the beach! Mom needed help to watch those three little active ones while they played in the water and the sand, and I felt privileged to be asked to go along! I took the one-year-old who headed straight for the water right away! She loved to pull her feet up and let me dangle her in the water and swirl her around. I loved to hear her little giggle as we played!

After awhile we all broke away and had a little snack on the knoll above the sand, and Mom and I enjoyed talking with one another and visiting. But soon the kids wanted to get back to the sand and the water. I played a little nerf ball with Kolbe, the cute little 6-year-old who was big brother to the two little girls. Then Alyshia, the 3-year-old wanted me to go in the water with her. We splashed and waited for the "big waves" to come, so I would pull her out of the water and over the wave.
What fun! Then we decided to build a house out of sand on the beach! Alyshia patiently piled her sand up a little, then would run to the water with her little shovel to fill it up with water and by the time she got back to her pile of sand, most of it was gone, but it was a wonderful attraction for her to run back and forth!

Soon it was time to pack up and leave, and I must say, I went away with a smile on my face (and maybe a little crick in my back) after having spent a wonderful morning with little children who so innocently took in God's beautiful creation around them with pure delight!! Is it any wonder that Jesus loved the little children so much?? They love you back with such pure hearts and such wonder in their approach to life! All of us can glean from watching their acceptance of every little joy they experience! The wonder of a black rock washed upon the sand, the thrill of a wave that splashes up against you, the imagination of a small little mind that creates a "house" out of sand, and the joy they extend to you as you watch them play.

For those of you who are parents, remember to thank God for the gift of your precious children with whom He has blessed you so abundantly!


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What a lovely day you must have had!

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