Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Going Down Memory Lane

Yesterday I was cleaning out drawers and a closet for my niece who will be arriving in Maui to stay with us for a while. In the bottom drawer of the dresser I kept my "Keepsakes" box, which held those things that had meant something very dear to me through the years that I had tucked away as treasures. I set the box down on the floor and started going through it looking at one memory after another. It took a couple of hours and a lot of shed tears before I finished.

Inside were countless homemade cards that my son had made me for Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc. Some were when he was very young and others were sent to me after he was married, but all held such precious words that touched my heart so much. There were little handmade notes and drawn pictures from my niece, Arley, who was such a big part of my life in her early years of growing up. There were special cards given to me by my dear husband and mother for various occasions that held such endearing words.

There were several articles that had been written about my special high school friend who died in her early thirties of cancer but had been such a dynamic Christian witness to her whole community and touched so many lives by her courage and faith in God. There were obituary notices of so many dear family members that had passed on but had touched my life so dearly through the years. There were handwritten letters to me of dear aunts that I had saved that spoke of their love for the Lord.

There were postcards sent to me from friends who had taken trips overseas. There was a signed card of all the members of a Singles Group that we had led for years. There was a copy of an article in our church bulletin giving the testimony of Dick and me. There was a worn copy of a Lord's Supper performance given by the church in which Dick played Thomas. There was a copy of piano recitals that I had given while taking piano lessons from a dear friend.

There was a tiny pair of pants that I had saved that my son wore when he was just a toddler and a bathing suit that my niece wore when she was two years old. There was a small bottle of perfume inside a little heart---the very first gift given to me by my husband on our first Valentine's Day.

So many other things were inside that box that had tugged at my heart's strings over the years, remembrances of kindnesses and love shown to me by others. In Philippians 1:3, Paul said "I thank God for every remembrance of you." Paul knew the importance of remembering how God had blessed him through others. There is nothing so wonderful as the reminder of the fragrant love of Christ that flows to you daily through your own family and through the hearts and lives of Christian brothers and sisters. God truly blesses us with each other. Let's not take any of that for granted!

I love you because you have loved me through the precious bond of Christ!


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