Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Warm Glow of Friendship

It's amazing to me how God blesses me through the friends He has placed in my life over the years. Just in the past two days, I was so pleasantly surprised by long-ago friends. I went to my mailbox yesterday and got a wonderful "Thinking of You" card from an old grade school friend. We both attended a tiny little one-room school in West Virginia in the 1950s and lived on the same country road. We hadn't seen each other for over 40 years until two years ago when we attended a town reunion picnic during the summer. Yesterday out of the blue I get a card from her saying hello, just thinking of you. You can't imagine the warm glow that brought to my heart to think that someone in Kentucky was thinking of me enough to take the time to say so!!!!

Then today I opened up my email and received an email from an old college friend who was arranging for 12 to 15 of my old girlfriends from college to get together for a trip in September. She had named all of us the "Hurley Girl Society." :) The email alone just brought floods of memories to my mind of the great time we had together as friends as we attended school. Can you imagine the giggles and laughter, the fun and reminiscing we would have together if we got together for a week??? Oh, my! Again, the warm glow of friendship just floods my soul!

"A friend loves at all times" ---- even when 40 years or more have passed since you have spent time with them! Do you have a friend somewhere that would be so thrilled to hear from you after a long time has gone by since last hearing from you? Surprise her!

May you thank God for all the friends He has given you!


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