Thursday, March 01, 2007

Are You a Martha or a Mary?

In the New Testament account of Martha and Mary, we find Martha scurrying about to meet the needs of the Master, while we find Mary sitting at Jesus' feet listening to what He said. (Luke 10:38-42) Women often categorize themselves into one of the two categories---is our priority ministry (Martha)or is it worship (Mary)? In my opinion, I think we each need a good balance of both personalities, making sure the priorities are in proper order. We cannot be a good Martha until we are a good Mary. We must sit at Jesus' feet and find our perspective, our purpose, our right relationship with the Master, before we can properly serve Him as a Martha. We do need both, however. Would anything be accomplished in God's plan if all sat and listened only? He wants us to take what we've learned after sitting at His feet and put our hands to work in order to minister to others' needs.

I want to share with you a poem that I think puts it all into proper perspective:

Martha in the kitchen seving with her hands
Occupied for Jesus with her pots and pans,
Loving Him, yet fevered, burdened to the brim
Careful, troubled Martha, occupied for Him.

Mary on the footstool, eyes upon her Lord,
Occupied with Jesus, drinking in His Word.
This one thing was needful, all else strangely dim,
Loving, resting Mary, occupied with Him.

So may we, like Mary, choose the better part.
Resting in His presence, hands and feet and heart;
Drinking in His wisdom, strengthened by His grace;
Waiting for the summons, eyes upon His face.

When it comes, we're ready, spirit, will and nerve;
Mary's heart to worship, Martha's hand to serve;
This is the rightful order, as our lamps we trim;
Occupied WITH Jesus, then occupied FOR Him.
(Author Unknown)

May we first be a Mary; then we can be a good Martha!


Blogger Barbara Olmos said...

Confessions of a Reformed Martha:
That is a great perspective on Mary and Martha. I've always thought it was either/or ... but it's true - we need to be both, but in the right order. Thanks!
P.S. Loved the poem.

2:12 PM  

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