Thursday, January 18, 2007

Will there be seasons in heaven?

My son popped a question at me while we were in Idaho---will we experience seasons in heaven? Here are the thoughts of Randy Alcorn who is the author of "Heaven."

Beginning of selected quotes from "Heaven":
"Some people have never thought about Heaven's weather because they don't think of heaven as a real place, certainly not on the New Earth. Or they assume the New Earth will have bright sunshine, no clouds, no rain...forever.

"Is rain a bad thing? No, it's good. We'll see trees bearing fruit on the New Earth. Will they be rained on? Presumably. Will rain turn to snow in higher elevations? Of course. Just as resurrected people will still have eyes, ears, and feet, a resurrected earth will have rain, snow, and wind.

"When we live on the New Earth, could we go hiking in a snowstorm without fear of trauma or death? Could we jump off a cliff into a river three hundred feet below? Could we stand in an open field in flashing lightning and roaring thunder and experience the exhilaration of God's powerful hand? Must the New Earth be tamed, stripped of high peaks, deserts, waterfalls, and thunderstorms because these sometimes caused pain and death in this world? Nature, including variations in climate, will be a source of joy and pleasure, not destruction. If we stand amazed now at the wonders of God's great creation, we'll be even more amazed at the greater wonders of that greater creation.

Will there be still be seasons on the New Earth? Why wouldn't there be? Some people argue that because fall and winter are about dying, we won't experience them in Heaven, because there will be no death there. I'm not convinced that seasons and their distinctive beauties are the result of the Fall. God is depicted as the seasons' Creator, and we're not told they didn't predate the Fall. The "no more death" of Revelation 21 applies to living creatures, people and animals, but not necessarily to all vegetation. Even if it does, God can certainly create a cycle of seasonable beauty apart from death." End of quotes.

After spending five days in freezing cold weather and seeing the magnificent beauty of the earth around us covered in snow with the green of pines scattered throughout the landscape, it's a nice thought that we could experience the same beauty in heaven only without getting cold, without fear of freezing to death, without getting tired, without the pain of the cold. I'm not sure if there will be seasons in heaven, but to allow my mind to think of the possibility is absolutely grand. My favorite season of the year is the autumn with all of its magnificent colors displayed like a painting done by God's own hand. But autumn is about things beginning to die so that new life can be possible in the spring. Seasons are God's design---if He chooses to show us seasons in heaven, we will be able to enjoy them at their very best without the effects of sin that is upon the earth today. We will be able to fully appreciate the seasons in the way God meant them to be before the Fall.

It's good to contemplate the possibilities of God's promises to us in His Word. Thank you, Rich, for the question----have you thought the question through? I'm glad that Randy Alcorn thought about it and gave us his thoughts. I'll need to explore it more. Do you have any thoughts on the question?

Loving the weather in Hawaii!


Blogger Rich said...

Wow, what an awesome answer! Thanks!

9:44 AM  
Blogger ang76 said...

Thank you for that answer! I am even more excited to see heaven! Nature is a wonderful thing!

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is great! Even if we can imagine just a little bit of what heaven will be like, it will go beyond our imaginations and dreams. God bless!

10:24 AM  

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