Saturday, December 23, 2006


As a noun, "present" is something you give to another or receive from another."
As a verb, "pre-sent" is the act of giving something to someone else"

My family arrived from Oahu yesterday full of the Christmas spirit, especially the boys (ages 12 and 8) so excited to share their excitement with Nana and Papa. About midday, the inevitable question from our 8-year-old came as he kept looking at all the presents under the tree: "Can we open presents now?" Anticipating that overflowing enthusiasm, I had hidden one gift for each boy to find somewhere in the house. Giggling and scurrying hither and yon, they finally found it and opened it and together as a family, we played "Christmas Bingo" around the fireplace last night.

On Christmas Day aroundd the world, presents will be given and received. Paper will be torn away from the packages to reveal the treasures inside. Then hopefully, the receiver of that gift will present thanks to the giver either in person, by phone, or by note acknowledging the spirit of the giver for the gift.

Long ago, presents of gold, frankincense and myrhh were brought by the Magi to Jesus. They presented themselves along with the gifts humbly bowing before Him recognizing Jesus as the Messiah sent by God to redeem the world. Are we this Christmas overflowing with enthusiasm and humble hearts presenting ourselves to our Savior this year---a present God would receive wholeheartedly and enthusiastically?

May the gifts you give signify your love of your Savior!


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