Saturday, March 15, 2008

Palm Sunday

Tomorrow we remember Palm Sunday, the day Jesus entered Jerusalem with the crowds shouting "Hosanna" as He rode the back of a donkey stepping on palm leaves that were placed on the path into the city. I found a poem that I appreciated and would like to share with you:

The shouts of Hosanna came loud and clear
As our Saviour on a donkey drew ever near,
It was as if the whole earth proclaimed His name,
Many voices claiming Him for glory and fame.

Robes strewn before the humble donkey’s feet,
Palm branches waved their noble King to greet.
Oh, how the rafters of the heavens did sweetly ring
And with what resounding voices did children sing.

They knew He was the Master who had healed the lame,
Cleansed the lepers, raised the dead, now he would claim
His rightful place, cast away enemies, restore His throne,
Would they have shouted Hosanna, had they known?

What were they expecting on that mighty day He came
Into Jerusalem, their songs of joy so loudly proclaim?
Not that one week later they would scream, CRUCIFY!
And watch while He hung on a cross for them to die.

I know I would have shouted Hosanna to His holy name,
But not crucify, I would have bowed my head in shame,
Trembled at the sight before my unbelieving sad eyes
And think in my aching heart, ‘The son of God dies.’

I would have ran so fast to the tomb on that morn,
Just as excited as on the wondrous day He was born,
Wept for pure joy when I saw my beloved Lord there
And remember that sacrifice with never ending prayer.

by M Ann Margetson March 23, 2002

The crowds were expecting Christ to claim his rightful place as King of the Jews, but He had to take a much different path than what they expected. We can truly sing Hosanna to the King today as we realize what the road to the cross that Christ would trod only a few days later would mean for our eternal future!

Hosanna to the King!


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